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一分钟快速了解 AS205794 Labs / A Quick 1-Minute Overview of AS205794 Labs

Quick start

AS205794 Labs 是本人在探索互联网的过程中衍生出来的一些开源项目、实验或 API 接口服务。

AS205794 Labs is a collection of open-source projects, experiments, and API services that have emerged from my personal exploration of the internet.

Project list

AS205794:一个用于实验和教育性质的网络 / An Education And Research Network

AS205794 Looking Glass:Looking Glass

CNAME Flattening:用于拉平根域(或其他子域名)解析的CNAME记录。/ CNAME record used for flattening apex domain (or other subdomain) resolution.

DDNSIP:DDNSIP是一个基于 Nginx 获取客户端公网 IP 的服务。/ DDNSIP is a service based on Nginx to get the client's public IP.

How to participate

欢迎任何人参与到 AS205794 Labs 的维护中来,你可以通过以下方式参与到 AS205794 Labs 的维护中来:

We welcome anyone to participate in the maintenance of AS205794 Labs, and you can get involved in the following ways:

邮件:您可通过 邮箱 与我们联系反馈。

Email: You can contact us and provide feedback through email.